Sunday, 11 November 2012

First Love

Every teenagers and adults remember their first love . Who wouldn't ? It was the first time that our life changed to a whole new chapter . And it was the first time that we had to wreck the book that tells a million storie of how we got together . We wrote them with our memories carved in the bottom of our heart and due to that , we could never forget.
    When we were young and unmatured , we always wanted to know how this world works . So , we encourage ourself to go outside and learn . While learning the subject , we all realised that there was this one part that was the easiest and the hardest of em all . That part was the answer to all of our questions . If only we could see it right away , we won't be in this mess . 
    My dear friends , sit back , close your eyes and relax  I'm gonna tell you a story of how a person found his first love .
    It all started when that person feels clumsy and stupid . Always run into funny problems and don't know what to do . they can't even think straight . It was a game . A game that our heart set-up for us to play . Until one time you mistakenly turn the dice and you were trap in its puzzle . You have to find a way to solve it . Same goes the game of feelings . We can't think what's right and wrong but all we do was just smiling around like a fool asking ourself why are we smiling ? We determine ourself to find the answers . Knowing what'll happen to us . Suddenly we saw that one person in front of us . Smiling sincerely for others . You were hypnotized by the gleam of their eyes and the sweetness of their smile . Even your heart skips a beat for a reason that you can't explain . That moment my dear friends , that was the moment you fall in love with them .
    Spending your whole day asking and searching for answer and still can't find any . Suddenly you think about them and smiled . You're definitely fell in love . You took the first move and did it like an idiot . Nervous . Shaking yourself to death . So you tried and tried and tried until you got that person's attention . You wanna tell them your biggest secret and hoping that they'll accept you . If they do , you'll die in happiness . If they don't , you'll cry in despair . 
    So , you got them . Spend your life together . Never thought of the word 'leaving' ? Making promises that was impossible to keep . Saying words that was unimaginable . That was the best moment of our life . 
    Until one day , things didn't went so well . You fought , you cried , you hated each other . Without thinking straight you make the stupidest decision . You decided to leave the person who cared for you for the very first time . Leaving each other without goodbyes and craved it in your heart . That was the first cut you've ever felt .
    My dear readers , think about it . After all that memories , did it gave you a reason ? what is the reason ? what made you to move on with your life ? Think . Care for the person who cares you most . Without them , you won't find a reasonable reason to live a happy life . Thank you for reading :')

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