Friday, 16 November 2012

So , today , I went out from the house just to express myself with the world . Kinda sad and heartbroken though . LOL ! So , I grab my Canon 1000D and start capturing some photos . Although , I didn't get the chance to snap as many as I wanted . But , I guess this photos is enough :P . Wanna see it ? Say ze magic words first , PLEASE . hahaha !! just joking . Here it is down below , enjoy :) 

this building is called Zara Boutique Hotel .

this one is called ze ''Promenade'' or how I like to call it ,

zis one pulak is called ze ''Atkinson Clock Tuweeeerrrr'' 
hihi :3

and this dead stoned fish is called ze ''round-a-bout ikang Swurdpish'' 
hahaha ! yeah you get the point :P 

Well , zats oll I ken gif por naow :3 

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